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E-Rate Request for Proposal (RFP)

Wireless Access Points

February 1, 2017


Jefferson School District (JSD) is upgrading their current access points and is requesting proposals to purchase up to 135 wireless access points. The completion of the purchase from the RFP will be contingent upon funding from the Universal Service Program for Schools and Libraries (E-Rate), and may or may not be undertaken at the sole discretion of the district. Contract shall be awarded to the bidder receiving the most points on the included rubric.

Information and Proposal:

This RFP is available at http://jeffersonsd251.org/wirelessrfp

JSD began upgrading their wireless access points last year and began installing Aruba Instant access points. JSD uses Aruba Airwave to monitor the access points and desires compatible equipment, information about Airwave is available here: www.arubanetworks.com/assets/ds/DS_AW.pdf .  To this end, JSD desires to purchase up to 135 Aruba Instant 305 access points or a 100% comparable and compatible device. The Aruba Instant 305 Data Sheet is available at the following website for informational purposes: http://www.arubanetworks.com/assets/ds/DS_AP300Series.pdf . Any awarded bid will be subject to E-Rate and District approved funding before any purchases are completed.

Non-Negotiable Requirements:

Sealed bids must be mailed or delivered to the District Office at 3850 E 300 N, Rigby, ID  83442 by 10:00 am MST on March 28th at which time bids will be publicly opened. Any bids received after 10:00 am will be considered invalid.

Bids must include an E-Rate Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN) related to vendor name to verify vendor is a valid E-Rate participant. Any bids not containing a SPIN or a SPIN not related to the vendor name will be disqualified.

Proposal shall include the following:

Specifications of the proposed device including Brand/Model number, if proposed device is a model other than the Aruba Instant 305 then specs showing comparability to all aspects of the Aruba Instant 305 must be included, along with specs showing compatibility with Airwave monitoring system.

Price per unit, including any shipping charges. Price can be broken out into incremental per/unit prices based on quantities, in the event that the full 135 units are not purchased, otherwise price will be considered to qualify for any amount purchased from 1 to 135 units.

Vendor certification of authorization to provide specified products in new condition with components being covered by any manufacturer’s warranty.

Guarantee of product to include free delivery and replacement of any device found to be faulty upon installation, with vendor covering any and all required shipping fees for return of faulty product.

Timeframe for potential delivery of product to the District Office once bid is awarded and approval for purchase is granted.

Scoring Rubric:

Rubric for bid evaluation, winning bidder will be the one with the most points, in the event of a tie the lowest price bid will win:

Considered Item High Value Middle Values Low Value
Price Lowest Price/Item Including shipping at 135 items purchased: 45 Points Middle Price/Item Including shipping at 135 items purchased: 30 points Highest Price/Item Including shipping at 135 items purchased: 10 points

Cohesiveness of Product with current network

Aruba Instant 305: 25 points 100% comparable/ compatible device detailed on a spec sheet provided in bid: 15 points Non Aruba Instant 305 device and no spec sheet provided in bid: 0 points
Technology Department Knowledge of Installation Aruba Instant 305: 20 points 100% comparable/ compatible device detailed on a spec sheet provided in bid: 10 points Non Aruba Instant 305 device and no spec sheet provided in bid: 0 points
District’s Past Experience with Vendor Positive Past experience: 5 points No Experience: 1 point Negative Experience: 0 points
Product Quality/Warranty Guarantee of new product and has full manufacturer warranty: 5 points No information provided in bid related to guarantee: 0 points
Total Points: _____/100